West Cork Track and Field Championships 2020

All you every wanted to know about the West Cork Track & Field Championships !

When : Sat 4th and Sat 25th April 2020
Where: CIT Track
What : Track and Field Championship
Why : In the interest of promoting athletics in the West Cork region and to prepare athletes for upcoming County Championships
Who : Participation is restricted to registered members of clubs in the West Cork region. Athletes who are under 9 in 2020 and older can take part.
Entry: There is no need to pre-enter. All athletes and spectators pay at the gate on the way in and then athletes need to listen to the Public Address for their events to be called and then proceed to the start line or field event area in a timely manner.

Program of events: West Cork T&F Championships 2020 Program

Timetable of events will be available shortly

Day 1: Gate open 10:15am. First event at 11:00am
Day 2: Gate open 10:15am. First event at 11:00am
The times are to be used as guidelines only, events may be moved forward or back on the day to facilitate the smooth flow of events. Announcements will be made over public address

Guidelines and Information.

A shop run by CIT will be open at the rear of the stand, this will be selling drinks, sandwiches and snacks.

For insurance reason, athletes born 2013 (u8) are not able to compete
The 3,000m will be first event on the first day and will start at 11:00am sharp.
The 1,500m race’s be first event on the second day and will start at 11:00am sharp with the Girls u16 1,500m

There will be a team aspect to the 3,000m. Points will be awarded per finishing position similar to cross-county, so 1st place gets 1 point, 6th place get 6points etc. Best 3 scores count. Team will lowest points wins.
There will be 3 team prizes for the 3,000m. Medals for the 3 scorers and 1 extra medal. Clubs can have more than 1 team, no need to declare before hand who is on what team, the order of the team will be determined by the finishing position of the athletes.
Same team aspect in both men’s and women’s races.

Athletes are confined to their own age group and can’t move up, e.g u9 can’t compete u11 on 1st leg
Masters can compete as Senior but can’t compete in same event as both Master and Senior.

All athletes participating in these championships must be registered.
All athletes participating must wear club singlets or club colours when competing.
It is the responsibility of individual athletes and their clubs to ensure that athletes competing in these Championships are medically fit to participate and competent in their events. This will be enforced.

Maximum spike length is 5mm.
Spikes are recommended but optional, however in the interest of safety in Long Jump or High Jump, the officials may insist on spikes being worn if conditions are wet
Spikes are not permitted in the shot putt and runners or throwing shoes must be worn.

There is no charge for relay teams, but if only 1 team declares prior to the start of the race, medals will not be awarded but the team will be offered the chance to run if a lane is available in a different age group.
There is NO sub’s medals for relays.

3 trials allowed in Shot Putt, TurboJav, Javelin, Discus and Long Jump but officials may make a mark after 1st or 2nd round and only measure efforts past that mark. Throws are to be taken in rounds and not together. Usual foul rules will be applied.

If heats are required in sprints, a minimum of 3 will qualify from each heat for the next round (applies 1st round only)
U12 all must do a crouched start. Below U12 then a standing or crouch start is optional.
Blocks are optional for U13s and older

False Start Rules
U16 upwards First false start leads to disqualification.
U13.14, 15 – One false start and all are on warning of next false start leading to disqualification.
U12 and younger. Persistent false start may lead to disqualification.

In the interests of health and safety if officials feel there is too many athletes in a distance event then a decision may be made to split the race and in this case, 2 sets of medals will be awarded.

Athletes are not permitted to use electronic recording or transmission equipment (e.g.: earphones, notebooks, tablets, iPods, smart phones etc) in the competition area.

Photo below is West Cork Chairman Bill Allen presenting the Trophy for the Best Club at the West Cork Track & Field Championships to Bandon AC Chairman Patrick McSweeney in 2017. Bandon AC have won this award the last number of years, who’s turn is it this year ?