West Cork Track and Field Championships 2018 Results

West Cork Track and Field Championships 2018
by Kate Coveney

It was unfortunate that heavy rain showers dominated on the first day of the West Cork Track and Field Championships at the CIT tract on Sunday 15th April 2018. However, this did not deter the large amount of athletes from West Cork Clubs who attended who competed with boundless enthusiasm. This first event was for uneven ages. There were some fine displays on the track and also in the field events. Clubs represented were Bantry AC, Doheny AC, Clonakilty AC, Courcey AC, Durrus AC, Bandon AC and West Muskerry. The outing on the track at the West Cork Championships will give these athletes an excellent warm up for the forth coming County and Munster Championships. The second leg of the Championships for even ages will take place in two weeks time on Sunday 29th April at the CIT track, starting at 11am

Masters Men
Sprint 100m – 1 Mattia Leoni, Clonakilty AC, 2 Donnacha O’Brien, Doheny AC
3,000m – 1 Jerry Cronin, 2 Jerh O’Sullivan, both West Muskerry AC
Weight for Distance – 1 John O’Donovan, 2 Cosmos de Burca, 3 Niall Barry, all Bandon AC

Senior Men
100m – 1 Cathal Ryan, 2 Jerh O’Sullivan, both West Muskerry AC
800m – 1 Mattia Leoni, Clonakilty AC, 2 Jerry Cronin, 3 Jerh O’Sullivan both West Muskerry AC
3,000m – 1 – Michael Harrington, Durrus AC, 2 Emmet Callan, Bandon AC
Long Jump – 1 Donnacha O’Brien, Doheny AC,5.08m, 2 Jerh O’Sullivan West Muskerry AC, 4.80m
Weight for Distance – 1 Donnacha O’Brien, Doheny AC, 2 Peadar Kelleher, 3 Jerh O’Sullivan, West Muskerry AC

Senior Women
3,000m – 1 Jennifer Cotter, West Muskerry AC, 2 Pauline Callan, Bandon AC
800m – 1 Rachel O’Shea, West Muskerry AC
Shot Putt – 1 Laura McSweeney, Bandon AC, 11.34m
Masters Women
Shot Putt- 1 Pauline Callan, Bandon AC, 5.47m, 2 Denise Wilmot, Bandon AC, 5.08m

Boys U9
Sprint 60m – 1 Patk Crowley, Doheny AC, 2 Seán Murphy, Bandon AC, 2 Conor O’Brien, Skibbereen AC
300m – 1 Conor O’Brien, Skibbereen AC, 2 Seán Murphy, Bandon AC, 3 Matthew Coffey, Clonakilty AC
Turbo Javelin – 1 Sam Kingston, Skibbereen AC,14.10m, Brendan Harrington, Bantry AC,12.35m 3 Colm Sexton, Bandon AC, 9.85m
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Mixed team – Durrus, Doheny AC, Bandon AC, Bantry AC

Girls U9
Sprint 60m – 1 Lisa Carey Martin, West Muskerry, 2 Ally O’Connell, 3 Leila Cummins, both Bandon AC
Girls U9 300m – 1 Ally O’Connell, 2 Leila Cummins, both Bandon AC, 3 Grace Murray, Doheny AC
Turbo Javelin – 1 Julie Fleming, 9.00m, 2 Isobel Lane, 8.60m, both Bandon AC, 3 Kathryn O’Keeffe, Courcey AC, 8.20m
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Bandon AC, 3 Mixed team, Doheny AC & Bandon AC

Boys U11
Sprint 60m – 1 Fionn Lucey, 2 Jayden Wilmot, 3 Andrew Lane, all Bandon AC
600m (1)- 1 Cillian O’Flynn, 2 Cathal O’Riordan, both Bandon AC, 3 Pádraig O’Neill, Skibbereen AC
600m (2) – 1 Fionán Smith, Courcey AC, 2 Colin Cronin, Bantry AC, 3 Harry Mc Court, Bandon AC
Turbo Javelin – 1 Lewis Linehan, Bandon AC, 23.47m, 2 Andrew Lane, Bandon AC, 20.38m, 3 Stephen O’Neill, Skibbereen AC, 15.95m
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Bandon AC, 3 Doheny AC

Girls U11
Sprint 60m – 1 Eabha Ní Chonghaile, West Muskerry AC 2 Ruby Cummins, Bandon AC, 3 Heather McCarthy, Doheny AC
600m (1)- 1 Eabha Ní Chonghaile, West Muskerry, 2 Heather McCarthy, Doheny AC, 3 Evelyn McCarthy, Bandon AC
600m ( 2) – 1 Rebecca O’Neill, West Muskerry AC, 2 Clodagh Barry, Bandon AC,3 Ruby Cummins , Bandon AC
Turbo Javelin – 1 Clodagh Barry, Bandon AC, 11.89m, 2 Lorraine Coakley, Skibbereen AC, 10.02m, Holly O’Flynn, Skibbereen AC, 9.61m
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Doheny AC, 3 Bandon AC

Boys U13
Sprint 80m- 1 Gavin Sweetnam, Skibbereen AC, 2 Conor Galvin, 3 Sam O’Brien, both Bandon AC
800m – Desmond Kenneally, Bandon AC, 2 Gavin Sweetnam, Skibbereen AC, 3 Alex Coughlan, Doheny AC
Shot Putt – 1 Coen Crowley, 7.45m. 2 Dara Walsh, 7.35m, 3 Eoin O’Callaghan, 6.88m all Bandon AC
Long Jump – 1 Keith McCarthy, 3.72m, 2 Alex Coughlan, 3.66m, both Doheny AC, 3 Stephen Tobin, Bandon AC, 3.65m
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Bandon AC, 3 Doheny AC

Girls U13
Sprint 80m – 1 Vicki Good, 2 Caroline Wesol, 3 Laura Sheehy all Bandon AC
800m (1)- 1 Grace Nyhan, 2 Amy McCarthy, both Bandon AC, 3 Ciara Delaney, Skibbereen AC
800m (2) – 1 Caoimhe Flannery, Skibbereen AC, 2 Aoibhinn McKeogh, Bandon AC, 3 Lauren O’Donovan, Skibbereen AC
Shot Putt – 1 Tara Hipwell, Courceys AC, 7.19, 2 Caroline Wesol, Bandon AC, 7.15m, 3 Laura Sheehy, Bandon AC, 7.00m
Long Jump – 1 Maia McCourt, 4.07m, 2 Caroline Wesol, 4.01m, 3 Aoife Callan, 3.83m ,all Bandon AC
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Bandon AC, Joint 3rd, Doheny AC & Bandon AC

Boys U15
Sprint – 1 James McCarthy, West Muskerry AC ,2 Jack Cullen, 3 Cian Walsh, both Bandon AC
200m – 1 Jack Cullen, Bandon AC, 2 James Mc Carthy, West Muskerry AC, 3 Cian Walsh, Bandon AC
1,500m – Callum McCourt, Bandon AC, 2 Seán Lawton, Durrus AC, 3 Macdara O Conaola, West Muskerry AC
High Jump – 1 Jack Cullen, 1.35m, 2 Cian Walsh, 1.30m, 3 Dara McCarthy, 1.20m all Bandon AC
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Durrus AC,3 Skibbereen AC

Girls U15
Sprint 100m – 1 Lucy T McCarthy, 2 Eabha Crowley, both Bandon AC, 3 Niamh McCarthy, Doheny AC
200m – 1 Eabha Crowley, Bandon AC, 2 Ellen Collins, Durrus AC, 3 Lucy T McCarthy, Bandon AC
1,500m – 1 Niamh MCarthy, Doheny AC, 2 Ella Collins, 3 Emma Barry both Bandon AC
High Jump – 1 Eabha Crowley, 1.27m, 2 Niamh O’Donovan, 1.24m, 3 Niamh McCarthy, 1.15m, all Bandon AC
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 West Muskerry AC, 3 Mixed team, Durrus AC, Doheny AC, Bandon AC x2

Boys U17,
Sprint 100m – 1 Liam O’Connell, 2 Jack O’ Regan, both Clonakilty AC, 3 Seán McCarthy, Durrus AC
1,500m – 1 Gavin Kenny, 2 Fionn Harrington, both Bandon AC, 3 Dara Myers, West Muskerry AC
Shot Putt – 1 Ruairí Harrington, 8.30m, 2 Fionn Harrington, 8.25m, both Bandon AC, 3 Jack Regan, Clonakilty, AC, 7.35m
Long Jump – 1 Liam O’Connell, 4.16m, 2 Jack Regan, 3.81m both Clonakilty AC

Girls U17
Sprint 100m – 1 Erin de Burca, 2 Emily Good, both Bandon AC, 3 Emily Sweeney, Skibbereen AC
1,500m – 1 Aoibheann Lawton, Durrus AC, 2 Alanna O’Donovan, Skibbereen AC, 3 Sarah O’Neill, West Muskerry AC
Shot Putt – 1 Julie Sheehy, 8.76m, 2 Erin de Burca, 7.74m both Bandon AC.
Long Jump – 1 Julie Sheehy, 3.94m, 2 Erin de Burca, 3.66m, both Bandon AC, Emily Sweeney, Skibbereen AC, 3.13m
Relay – 1 Bandon AC, 2 Mixed team, Durrus AC, Skibbereen AC, West Muskerry AC, 3 Mixed age team, Durrus AC


Timetable for T&F day 1

Timetable for day 1 of the Track & Field Championships in CIT on 15th April is now available at this page

Please check back again before the 15th in case of any updates

West Cork Road Races

West Cork Road Race Championships 2018, Sunday 25th March, Dunmanway

by Kate Coveney, PRO

The Annual West Cork Road Race Championships saw some fine competitive finishes at  the event at Dunmanway on Sunday 25th March 2018.  Athletes from Bantry AC,  Durrus  AC, Bandon AC, Skibbereen and Clonakilty AC  and host Club Doheny AC all produced some excellent running on the day.  The first three in each category were presented with trophies with all finishers getting medals. 

Girls U  9- 500m – 1 Grace Murphy, 2 Paige de Burca, 3 Caoimhe O’Connor, all Bandon AC
Boys U 9 – 500m – 1 Sean Murphy, Bandon AC, 2 Mattie Coffey, Clonakilty AC, 3 Patrick Crowley, Doheny AC
Girls U 11 -1,000m – 1 Heather McCarthy, Doheny AC, 2 Gemma O’Mahony, Doheny AC, 3 Holly O’Flynn, Skibbereen AC
Boys U11 -1,000m – 1 Colin Cronin, Bantry AC 2 John Mulhall, Bantry AC, 3 Ben Coffey, Clonakilty AC
Girls U13 -1,200m – 1 Aoibheann McKeogh, Bandon AC, 2 Caoimhe Flannery, Skibbereen AC, 3 Katie Crowley, Doheny AC
Boys U13 -1,500m – 1 Gavin Sweetnam, Skibbereen AC, 2 Alex Coughlan, Doheny AC, 3 Keith McCarthy, Doheny AC
Girls U15-  1,500m -1 Aoibhinn Lawton, Durrus AC, 2 Emma Barry Bandon AC 3 Aisling Stock, Durrus AC
Boys  U15  -2,000m –  1 Callum McCourt, Bandon AC, 2 Ferdia Dennis McAleavey, Skibbereen AC,3  Fionn Harrington Durrus AC
Girls U 17-2,000m – 1 Emily Sweeney, Skibbereen AC
Boys U17 – 3,000m – 1 Andrew McCarthy, Doheny AC, 2 Jack Regan, Clonakilty AC, 3 Seán McCarthy Durrus AC

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Reminder *West Cork Road Races Sunday 25th March

Next West Cork Athletics event is the West Cork Road Races on Sunday 25th March,
Droumleena Lawn (Show grounds) Dunmanway, 12 noon.

This is open to all registered members of West Cork Athletic clubs
Under 9: 500m
Under 11: 1000m
Under 13: Girls 1200m, Boys 1500m
Under 15: Girls 1500m, Boys 2000m
Under 17: Girls 2000m, Boys 3000m
Junior/u20 : 3,000m

1st race of the day will be girls u9 then boys u9, then u11 etc

All athletes have to be registered with clubs in West Cork Division.
Singlets or club t-shirts with club name and colour is required.

Cost to compete: €2, Pay on the day, no need to pre register.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each race
Medals for all finishers.

The races will start and finish near the entrance to Droumleena Lawn which can be used for parking.

PRO Report from AGM

West Cork Athletic Division AGM 2018

The West Cork Athletic Association had another successful year in 2017. The first event of the year was the West Cork Road Races on 2nd April on the roads adjacent to Droumleena  Lawn, Dunmanway. It was the third year that the Road Races were held away from the traditional location at Kilbarry Road which was deemed unsuitable due to high traffic volumes. Again  this year, races were for Juveniles only with no Seniors or Masters included. Newly formed Durrus AC were welcomed on their maiden outing with 50 of their athletes competing. Two Track & Field Championships were held at the CIT Track on April 9th and 30th.    

Four Summer Leagues were held hosted by Doheny AC, Clonakilty AC, Bandon AC and Skibbereen AC.   It was Clonakilty AC’s first  time to host a Summer League event and it ran very successfully at the Clonakilty Rugby grounds.                                                                                

The West Cork Cross Country Championships took place in a venue near Ballinadee on September 17th.  This year saw the introduction of a Novice Category. The West Cork Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships took place at the usual venue of Dunmanway Showgrounds but  were pushed out to 16th January 2018 to better line up with the sequence of Scho ol Cross Country Championships.  Four West Cork athletes represented Ireland in December at the European Cross Country Championships in Slovakia at U20 level,  Darragh McElhinney, Bantry AC, Stephanie Cotter, West Muskerry AC, and Laura Nicholson and Fiona Everard ,both Bandon AC.  Phil Healy, Bandon AC represented Ireland at the World Indoor Athletic Championships in Birmingham in early March, reaching the semi finals in 400m, the first Irish female athlete to reach this level in this event.


Kate Coveney PRO 12 March 2018


At the West Cork AGM last night, the program for the upcoming Track & Field Championships was agreed.
Similar to previous years, with just some sprint distances changes to bring us into line with County/Munster distances.
Also, u12 Shot Putt has been changed to a TurboJavelin.

This year the events will be starting at 11am and not the usual 12noon.

Program and preliminary order of events will be on this site during the week.

Next event is the West Cork Road races on Sunday 25th at 12noon.
Start is near Showgrounds in Dunmanway