West Cork XC Championships, 17th Oct 2021

Well done to everyone who took part in the West Cork Cross Country Championships to those who helped out. Special thanks to Michael Walsh and family who provided the fantastic venue for the event.

Best Overall trophy was won by West Muskerry.

Girls U 9

1. Laoise Ni Chonchuir Bandon AC

2. Maya O’Flynn Skibbereen

3. Eaba Walsh Bandon

U9 Team

  1. Bandon
  2. West Muskerry
  3. Bandon

Boys U9

  1. Cormac Murphy Bandon
  2. Derry Cahalane Courceys AC
  3. Niall Guinane Bandpn

U9 Teams

  1. Bandon
  2. West Muskerry
  3. Bandon

Girls U10

  1. Lily Scanlon West Muskerry
  2. Anne McClory West Muskerry
  3. Lorna Murphy West Muskerry.

U10 Team

  1. West Muskerry
  2. Bandon
  3. West Muskerry

Boys U10

  1. Donagh Moloney Courceys
  2. Ronan Fitzgerald Courceys
  3. Tadgh Harrington Bantry

U10 Team

  1. West Muskerry
  2. Bandon
  3. Courceys

Girls U12

  1. Orla O’Brien West Muskerry
  2. Lily Clover Bandon
  3. Aoife Harte Bandon

U12 Team

  1. Bandon
  2. West Muskerry
  3. Bandon

Boys U12

  1. Sammy O’Mahony Dohenys
  2. Joe McCarthy Bandon
  3. Cole O’Tuama West Muskerry

U12 Team

  1. West Muskerry
  2. Bandon
  3. West Muskerry

Girls U14

  1. Eanna Duff West Muskerry
  2. Caoimhe O’Regan Bandon
  3. Maeve Dollard Bandon

Girls U14 teams

1.. West Muskerry

  1. Bandon
  2. West Muskerry.

Boys U14

  1. Max Clover Bandon
  2. Rory McElroy West Muskerry
  3. Ronan Moloney Courtesy

U14 Teams

  1. West Muskerry
  2. West Muskerry

Girls U 16

  1. Caoimhe Flannery Skibbereen
  2. Saoirse Twomey West Muskerry
  3. Eimear Denis McAleavy Skibbereen.

U16 Teams

1st West Muskerry

Boys U16

  1. Daniel Dollard Bandon
  2. Sam O’Brien Bandon

Girls U20

  1. Aoibhann Lawton Durrus.
  2. Ella Collins Bandon
  3. Rachel Kelleher West Muskerry

Boys U20

  1. Ferdia Denis McAleavy Skibbereen.
  2. Ruairi Harrington Bandon

Senior Women.

  1. Julie O’Brien Skibbereen
  2. Debra O’Leary Clonakilty Road Runners.

Master Women

  1. Anna O’Neill Dohenys
  2. Pauline Callan Bandon
  3. Sheila Trunwit Bandon

Senior Men

  1. Richard Lucey West Muskerry.
  2. Micheal McSweeney West Muskerry.
  3. Concubhar Murray West Muskerry.

Master Mens

  1. Henry Browne West Muskerry
  2. John Duff West Muskerry.
  3. Jack Purcell West Muskerry

Men’s Team

1st West Muskerry