Schools XC Results

West Cork Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships

Tuesday 16th January 2018, Dunmanway – Kate Coveney West Cork Athletics PRO

The 14th West Cork Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships took place at the usual venue, Dunmanway Showgrounds on Tuesday 16th January 2018. The event which is normally held in September was deferred to January to better line up with the South Munster, Munster and All Ireland Schools Cross Country Championships. While conditions were firm enough underfoot, the weather was exceptionally inclement, with freezing temperatures, sleety rain and blustery winds. This did not deter the competitive instinct of the participants ensuring some fine displays of running on the day and exceptional team spirit. The EBS Shield is presented each year to the best overall Girls and Boys teams from their school. The girls from Coláiste Pobail Bantry again retained the title of Best Overall Girls School, bringing the EBS Shield back to Bantry with them and MICC Dunmanway took second place as they did also last year. The position was reversed for the boys with MICC Dunmanway taking the EBS Shield back from last year’s winning teams from The Hamilton High School, who were unable to make it on this occasion. Coláiste Pobail Bantry was placed second with De la Salle, Macroom in third place.

1st Year Girls – 1 Maeve O’Neill, MICC, Dunmanway, 2 Eabha Crowley, Bandon Grammar School, 3 Margaret Collins, MICC, Dunmanway, 4 Eileen Burke, Coláiste Ghobnátan, Ballyvourney, 5 Sally O’Donovan, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Aine Corish, MICC, Dunmanway
Team – 1 MICC, Dunmanway, 2 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 Coláiste Ghobnátan, Ballyvourney

1st year Boys – 1 Callum McCourt, Bandon Grammar School, 2 Dan Andrews, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 Ciarán O’Sullivan, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 4 Cillian O’Brien, Coláiste Pobail Bantry 5 Macdara O Conghnaile, Scoil Ghobnatán, Ballyvourney, 6 Alan Kelleher, Coláiste Pobail Bantry

Team- 1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Bandon Grammar School, 3 Coláiste Ghobnatán, Ballyvourney.

2nd Year Girls – 1 Jane Buckley, Coláiste no Toirbhirte, Bandon, 2 Nicola Tuthill, Coláiste na Toirbhirte, Bandon, 3 Alanna O’Donovan, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery, 4 Rebecca Harrington, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 5 Aisling Stock, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Aoife O’Neill, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery

Team – 1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Bandon Grammar School

2nd Year Boys – Rory Falvey, Bandon Grammar School, 2 Jeff Williams, Bandon Grammar School, 3 Tiernan Brown, Bandon Grammar School, 4 Angus Seigne, Bandon Grammar School, 5 Darragh McSweeney, St Brogan’s College, Bandon, 6 Daniel McGarvey, Bandon Grammar School

Team – 1 Bandon Grammar School, 2 Coláiste Pobail Bantry,3 MICC Dunmanway

3rd Year Girls – 1 Aisling Barry, 2 Lauren McCourt, 3 Emily Good, all Bandon Grammar School, 4 Edel Hayes, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery

Team – 1 Bandon Grammar School

3rd Third Year Boys – 1 Ramon Gaspar, De la Salle, Macroom , 2 Laurence Asling, De la Salle, Macroom, 3 Tadhg Manning, De la Salle, Macroom, 4 Aidan Rundel, Coláiste Pobail Bantry 5 Ian O’Flynn, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Andrew Mc Carthy, MICC Dunmanway

Team – 1 De la Salle, Macroom, 2 MICC Dunmanway, 3 Coláiste Pobail Bantry

4th& 5th Year Girls – Caitlin Hurley, MICC Dunmanway, 2 Sophie Harrington, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 Kate Barry, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 4 Katie Dineen, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 5 Eve O’Sullivan, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Paula Tabanera, Colaiste Pobail Bantry
Team -1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 MICC Dunmanway

4th & 5th Year Boys – 1 Liam Cotter, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Ryan Cotter, MICC Dunmanway, 3 Andrew Collins, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery, 4 Ray Shanahan, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery, 5 Conor O’Neill, MICC, Dunmanway, 6 Darragh Collins, MICC Dunmanway

Teams – 1 MICC Dunmanway, 2 De la Salle, Macroom

6th Year Boys – 1 Daniel O’Connell, St Brogan’s Bandon

Best Overall Girls School – 1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Bandon Grammar School, 3 MICC Dunmanway

Best Overall Boys School -1 MICC, Dunmanway, 2 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 De la Salle, Macroom