West Cork Cross Country Results

1 Aisling O’ Connor Bandon
2 Annie McElroy West Muskerry
3 Aoibhinn Dasari West Muskerry


U9 BOYS 700M
1 Daragh Moloney Courceys AC
2 Tadgh Harrington Bantry
3 Paschal McCarthy Bandon


U10 GIRLS 1000M
1 Isla Yore West Muskerry
2 Laura Mae Coakley Skibbereen
3 Ella Murray Courceys


U10 BOYS 1000M
1 Adam Whelton Durrus
2 Shane Murphy Bandon
3 Joe McCarthy Bandon

U12 GIRLS 1500M
1 Órla O’ Connell Courceys
2 Caoimhe O’ Regan Bandon
3 Maeve Dollard Bandon
2.West Muskerry

U12 BOYS 1500M
1 Conor O’ Brien Skibbereen
2 Sammy O’ Mahony Dohenys
3 Seán Murphy Bandon
2.West Muskerry

U14 GIRLS 2000M
1 Caoimhe Flannery Skibbereen
2 Ciara Delaney Skibbereen
3 Gemma O’ Mahony Doheny
1.West Muskerry

U14 BOYS 2000M
1 Daniel Dollard Bandon
2 Finn Yore West Muskerry
3 Eoin O’ Callaghan Bandon
1st Bandon
2nd West Muskerry

U16 GIRLS 3000M
1 Amy McCarthy Bandon
2 Ella Collins Bandon
3 Sinéad Crowley Bandon
2.West Muskerry

U16 BOYS 3000M
1 Seán Lawton Durrus

U20 LADIES 3000M
1 Aoibheann Lawton Durrus
2 Jennifer Cotter West Muskerry
3 Lisa Kingston West Muskerry

U20 MEN 4000M
1 Darren Moynihan West Muskerry

1 Deborah O’ Leary Clonakilty
2 Helen Whyte Clonakilty
3 Katie Harte Clonakilty
1.Clonakilty Road Runners

1.Michael Harrington Durrus
2.Naoise Ó Flaitheartaigh Bandon
3.Garrett Lordan Clonakilty Road Runners
1.Clonakilty 1
2.West Muskerry
3.Clonakilty 2

West Cork XC – 13th Sept

West Cork XC will go ahead on the 13th Sept in the County Board field in Riverstick.

All athletes competing and all coaches attending will have to be confirmed prior to the event.

clubs can email coakleydeclan@yahoo.co.uk with names for each category and for more information

West Cork AAI Cross Country 2020 programme

West Cork T+F Day 4 Results

West Cork T+F Day 4 Results

1 Isla Yore West Muskerry A.C.
2 Kayla McKennedy Skibbereen A.C.
3 Laura Coakley Skibbereen A.C.
3 Emma Harrington Bantry A.C.

U10 BOYS 60M
1 Cole O’ Tuama West Muskerry A.C.
2 Liam Murray Doheny A.C.
3 Charlie McCarthy Skibbereen A.C.

1 Alice O’ Donovan Bantry A.C.
2 Lorraine Coakley Skibbereen A.C.
3 Lisa Carey Martin West Muskerry A.C

U12 BOYS 80M
1 Conor O’Brien Skibbereen A.C.
2 Dáire Bohane Skibbereen A.C.
3 Ronan O’Neill West Muskerry A.C.

1 Saorlaith Murphy West Muskerry A.C.
2 Katie Kingston Skibbereen A.C.
3 Diana Coakley Skibbereen A.C.

U14 BOYS 80M
1 Finn Yore West Muskerry A.C.

1 Danielle O’Neill West Muskerry A.C.

U20 BOYS 100M
1 Sheldon Nyoni

1 Kayla McKennedy Skibbereen A.C.
2 Laura Coakley Skibbereen A.C.
3 Katie Murphy Bantry A.C.

1 Sam Kingston Skibbereen A.C.
2 Evan O’Sullivan Skibbereen A.C.
3 Brendan Harrington Bantry A.C.

1 Kayla McKennedy Skibbereen A.C.
2 Isla Yore West Muskerry A.C
3 Emma Harrington Bantry A.C.

1 Conor O’Brien Skibbereen A.C.
2 Sam Kingston Skibbereen A.C.
3 Charlie McCarthy Skibbereen A.C.

1 Katie Kingston Skibbereen A.C.
2 Caoimhe Flannery Skibbereen A.C.
3 Diana Coakley Skibbereen A.C.

U11 GIRLS 500M
1 Isla Yore West Muskerry A.C.
2 Emma Harrington Bantry A.C.
3 Katie Murphy Bantry A.C.

U11 BOYS 500M
1 Conor O’Brien Skibbereen A.C.
2 Cole O’Tuama West Muskerry A.C.
3 Darragh Manning West Muskerry A.C.

West Cork Summer Games Day 2 Results

West Cork Tr and F Day 2 Results
U13 Girls 800m
1.Heather McCarthy(Dohenys)
2.Grace Duarte (West Muskerry)
3.Lucy Harrington Bantry AC
U13 Boys 800m
1.Finn Yore West M
2.Ultan D McAleavey Skibb
3.Patrick Harrington (Bantry)
U15 Girls 1500m
1.Caoimhe Flannery
2.Beibhinn Hortsmanshoff (Durrus AC)
3.Lucia Duarte,West M
Boys u15 1500m
1Gavin Sweetnam
2Alex Coughlan (Dohenys AC)
3.Ben Coughlan (Dohenys AC)
U17 Girls 1500m
1.Caoimhe Cotter
2.Caoimhe Hortsmanshoff
3.Rebecca Harrington (All Durrus AC)
U20 Girls 1500m
1.Aoibheann Lawton
U17 Boys 1500m
1.Seán Lawton (DurrusAC)
2.Fionn Harrington (Durrus AC)
3.Ferdia D.McAleavey(SkibbAC)
U15 Girls 200m
1.Lucia Duarte (West Muskerry)
2.Caoimhe Flannery (Skibb AC)
3.Katie Kingston (Skibb AC)
U15 Boys 200m
1.Gavin Sweetnam (Skibb AC)
2.Ben Coughlan (Dohenys AC)
3 Alex Coughlan (Dohenys AC)
U15 Girls Javelin
1.Katie Kingston (Skibb AC)
2.Diana Coakley (Skibb AC)
3.Saorlaith Murphy (West Muskerry AC)
Girls U13 Shot
1.Lorraine Coakley(Skibb AC)
2.Lucy Harrington(BantryAC)
3.Alice ODonovan (Bantry AC)
Boys u13 Shot
1.Finn Yore(West Muskerry)
2.Patrick Harrington (Bantry AC)
3.Ronan ONeill (West Muskerry
U13 Boys Long Jump
1.Patrick Harrington (BantryAC)
2.Finn Yore(West Musk)
3.Ronan O’Neill(West Muskerry).
U13 Girl’s Long jump
1st Heather McCarthy 3.58m Doheny A.C.
2nd Lucy Harrington 3.55m Bantry A.C.
3rd Lorraine Coakley 3.52m Skibb A.C.

West Cork Track & Field Summer Games Day 1 Results

West Cork Track & Field Summer Games Day 1 Results
U14 girls 800m
1st Caoimhe Flannery 2:28 Skibbereen AC
2nd Ciara Delaney ditto
3rd Emer D. McAleavey ditto
4th Bebhinn Horstmanhoff Durrus AC
5th Lily Collin ditto
6th Emily Cronin Westmuskerry A.C.
7th Saorlaith Murphy Westmuskerry A.C.
U14 boys 800m
1st Alex Coughlan 2:27 Doheny AC
2nd Finnan Lawton Durrus AC
3rd Finn Yore West Muskerry A.C.
U16 girls 1500m
1st Lucia Duarte West Muskerry A.C.
2nd Caoimhe Horstmanhoff Durrus AC
3rd Ann Town ditto
U16 boys 1500m
1st Fionn Harrington Durrus AC 4:34
2nd Sean Lawton 4:35 ditto
3rd Gavin Sweetnam 4:37 Skibbereen AC
4th Ferdia D McAleavy Skibbereen AC
5th Ben Coughlan Doheny A.C.
U20 1500m Girls
1st Maeve O Neill Doheny A.C.
2nd Aoibheann Lawton Durrus AC
3rd Caoimhe Cotter ditto
4th Aoife O Neill Doheny A.C.
Field events
U14 Javelin
1st Katie Kingston 30.85m Skibbereen A.C.
2nd Diana Rose ditto 21.75m
3rd Saorlaith Murphy 15.07m West Muskerry A.C.
U14 Discus
1st Katie Kingston 20.98m Skibbereen AC
2nd Diana Rose Coakley 19.19m ditto
3rd Saorlaith Murphy 10.95m
U14 Shot 2kg
1st Diana Rose Coakley 9.75m Skibbereen
2nd Saorlaith Murphy 9m West Muskerry A.C.
3rd Katie Kingston 7.51 Skibb A.C.

Track and Field Update

Due to current HSE guidelines and with taking into account the safety of our athletes and officials, West Cork Athletics unfortunately would like to confirm that the Track and Field event scheduled for the 4th April, will not now be held.
The event on the 25th is still scheduled and we will make a decision on that no later than 2 weeks beforehand.
***With the further restrictions in place, the event on the 25th can’t now take place either*

We currently can’t say if any postponed events will be rescheduled or cancelled, it depends on availability of a venue and possible rescheduling of other events. With the current situation its hard to plan.

Stay safe everyone.
West Cork Board will be holding events again soon and the world will seem a brighter place!

Road Races Cancelled

In light of recent developments with covid-19 and bearing in mind the guidance from AAI, West Cork Athletics want to confirm that the road races scheduled for latter this month will not now be taking place.
We will decide on further events closer to the date when more information on the current status will be available.

West Cork T&F Program

Program for West Cork Athletics Track & Field was agreed at the recent AGM.

Dates are Sat 4th April with an 11am start and Sat 25th April with a 11am start.

3km event.This year there will again be a team aspect to the race, so as well as medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed athletes, there will also be team prizes with scoring using the same criteria as Cross Country. 3 athletes to score, 4 team medals available

Hoping this might encourage some road runners to take a turn on the track and would hope that we see a number of teams involved.

There are some changes in relation to field events for some age groups.
Please note, that Javelin & Discus competition are NOT to be used as a training exercise and athletes taking part in these events are expected to have practiced within their clubs, athletes who are not throwing safely will be removed from the competition.
Relays for u16 and u20 on day 2 will be mixed, which means 2 males and 2 females from the same club.

All athletes competing are required to be registered members of clubs within the West Cork Division, no guests allowed.

West Cork Track & Field Program. Timetable will be available in a few days.

West Cork Road Races 2020

Next West Cork Athletics event is the West Cork Road Races on Sunday 22th March,
Droumleena Lawn (Show grounds) Dunmanway, 11oclock.

This is open to all registered members of West Cork Athletic clubs
Under 9: 500m
Under 11: 1000m
Under 13: Girls 1200m, Boys 1500m
Under 15: Girls 1500m, Boys 2000m
Under 17: Girls 2000m, Boys 3000m
Junior/u20 : 3,000m

1st race of the day will be girls u9 then boys u9, then u11 etc

All athletes have to be registered with clubs in West Cork Division.
Singlets or club t-shirts with club name and colour is required.

Cost to compete: €2, Pay on the day, no need to pre register.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each race
Medals for all finishers.

The races will start and finish near the entrance to Droumleena Lawn which can be used for parking.

West Cork Events

No major changes in personnel at the recent West Cork Athletics AGM at the Parkway Hotel in Dunmanway.
Bill Allen remains as Chairman, Declan Coakley as Secretary, Patrick McSweeney as Treasurer and Kate Coveney as PRO.
A sub committee was put in place to look at holding a West Cork Awards night next year and the format and criteria for it.
As well as the program for the upcoming Track and Field, dates were also provisionally set for other events for 2020.
Program T&F is available here
Dates are below.

West Cork Road Races, Showgrounds in Dunmanway with an 11 oclock start.
West Cork T&F, CIT Track 4th and 25th April with an 11 oclock start both days.
Summer League Dates:
10th June, Dohneys
24th June, Bandon
8th July, SKibbereen
Cross Country, Venues to be decided and dates to be confirmed. 6th and 13th Sept