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West Cork Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships

Tuesday 16th January 2018, Dunmanway – Kate Coveney West Cork Athletics PRO

The 14th West Cork Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships took place at the usual venue, Dunmanway Showgrounds on Tuesday 16th January 2018. The event which is normally held in September was deferred to January to better line up with the South Munster, Munster and All Ireland Schools Cross Country Championships. While conditions were firm enough underfoot, the weather was exceptionally inclement, with freezing temperatures, sleety rain and blustery winds. This did not deter the competitive instinct of the participants ensuring some fine displays of running on the day and exceptional team spirit. The EBS Shield is presented each year to the best overall Girls and Boys teams from their school. The girls from Coláiste Pobail Bantry again retained the title of Best Overall Girls School, bringing the EBS Shield back to Bantry with them and MICC Dunmanway took second place as they did also last year. The position was reversed for the boys with MICC Dunmanway taking the EBS Shield back from last year’s winning teams from The Hamilton High School, who were unable to make it on this occasion. Coláiste Pobail Bantry was placed second with De la Salle, Macroom in third place.

1st Year Girls – 1 Maeve O’Neill, MICC, Dunmanway, 2 Eabha Crowley, Bandon Grammar School, 3 Margaret Collins, MICC, Dunmanway, 4 Eileen Burke, Coláiste Ghobnátan, Ballyvourney, 5 Sally O’Donovan, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Aine Corish, MICC, Dunmanway
Team – 1 MICC, Dunmanway, 2 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 Coláiste Ghobnátan, Ballyvourney

1st year Boys – 1 Callum McCourt, Bandon Grammar School, 2 Dan Andrews, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 Ciarán O’Sullivan, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 4 Cillian O’Brien, Coláiste Pobail Bantry 5 Macdara O Conghnaile, Scoil Ghobnatán, Ballyvourney, 6 Alan Kelleher, Coláiste Pobail Bantry

Team- 1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Bandon Grammar School, 3 Coláiste Ghobnatán, Ballyvourney.

2nd Year Girls – 1 Jane Buckley, Coláiste no Toirbhirte, Bandon, 2 Nicola Tuthill, Coláiste na Toirbhirte, Bandon, 3 Alanna O’Donovan, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery, 4 Rebecca Harrington, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 5 Aisling Stock, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Aoife O’Neill, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery

Team – 1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Bandon Grammar School

2nd Year Boys – Rory Falvey, Bandon Grammar School, 2 Jeff Williams, Bandon Grammar School, 3 Tiernan Brown, Bandon Grammar School, 4 Angus Seigne, Bandon Grammar School, 5 Darragh McSweeney, St Brogan’s College, Bandon, 6 Daniel McGarvey, Bandon Grammar School

Team – 1 Bandon Grammar School, 2 Coláiste Pobail Bantry,3 MICC Dunmanway

3rd Year Girls – 1 Aisling Barry, 2 Lauren McCourt, 3 Emily Good, all Bandon Grammar School, 4 Edel Hayes, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery

Team – 1 Bandon Grammar School

3rd Third Year Boys – 1 Ramon Gaspar, De la Salle, Macroom , 2 Laurence Asling, De la Salle, Macroom, 3 Tadhg Manning, De la Salle, Macroom, 4 Aidan Rundel, Coláiste Pobail Bantry 5 Ian O’Flynn, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Andrew Mc Carthy, MICC Dunmanway

Team – 1 De la Salle, Macroom, 2 MICC Dunmanway, 3 Coláiste Pobail Bantry

4th& 5th Year Girls – Caitlin Hurley, MICC Dunmanway, 2 Sophie Harrington, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 Kate Barry, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 4 Katie Dineen, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 5 Eve O’Sullivan, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 6 Paula Tabanera, Colaiste Pobail Bantry
Team -1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 MICC Dunmanway

4th & 5th Year Boys – 1 Liam Cotter, Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Ryan Cotter, MICC Dunmanway, 3 Andrew Collins, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery, 4 Ray Shanahan, Mount St Michael, Rosscarbery, 5 Conor O’Neill, MICC, Dunmanway, 6 Darragh Collins, MICC Dunmanway

Teams – 1 MICC Dunmanway, 2 De la Salle, Macroom

6th Year Boys – 1 Daniel O’Connell, St Brogan’s Bandon

Best Overall Girls School – 1 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 2 Bandon Grammar School, 3 MICC Dunmanway

Best Overall Boys School -1 MICC, Dunmanway, 2 Coláiste Pobail Bantry, 3 De la Salle, Macroom

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European Cross Country

Best of luck to all the Irish team in the European xc championships in Slovakia on Sunday. RTE2 will broadcast the races from 10am to noon. Live stream available on
The women’s u20 race is first at 8am Irish time, and this team includes Laura Nicholson and Fiona Everard from Bandon A.C also Stephanie Cotter from West Muskerry A.C
Darragh McElhinney from Bantry A.C makes it an incredible 4 athletes from West Cork and he competes in the men’s u20 race

Thanks to Steven Macklin for the photo

Cross Country Results

Well done to everyone who took part today and thanks to everyone who helped out.
Special thanks to the Walsh family who kindly allowed their land be used and provided a fantastic venue.

West Cork Cross County Championships, Bandon 17th Sept 2017

Girls u9: 1st Lucy Harrington Bantry AC, 2nd Donna O’Sullivan Bandon AC, 3rd Maeve Dollard Bandon AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd Skibbereen, 3rd West Muskerry

Boys U9: 1st Niall Egan Bandon AC, 2nd Alex Bramoible Dohneys AC, 3rd Ben Flynn Bandon AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd Dohneys AC, 3rd West Muskerry AC

Girls U10: 1st Heather McCarthy Dohneys, 2nd Ava NiChonaille West Muskerry, 3rd Clodagh Barry Bandon AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd Bandon AC

Boys U10: 1st Cillian Flynn Bandon AC, 2nd Fionnan Smith Courceys, 3rd Adam Barry Dohneys AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd Bandon AC, 3rd Bandon AC

Girls U12: 1st Amy McCarthy Bandon AC, 2nd Grace Nyhan Bandon AC, 3rd Caoimhe Flannery Skibbereen AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd West Muskerry AC, 3rd Bandon AC

Boys u12: 1st Des Kenneally Bandon AC, 2nd Daniel Dollard Bandon AC, 3rd Keith McCarthy Dohneys AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd Bandon AC, 3rd Bandon AC

Girls U14: 1st Maeve O’Neill Bandon AC, 2nd Ella Murphy Bandon AC, 3rd Ellie Collins Bandon AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC, 2nd West Muskerry AC, 3rd Dohneys AC

Boys u14: 1st Dan Andrews Bantry AC, 2nd Sam Lawton Durrus, 3rd Callum McElhinney Bantry AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC

Girls U16: 1st Nicola Tuthill Bandon AC, 2nd Aoibhinn Lawton Durrus AC, 3rd Katie Murphy Bandon AC
Teams: 1st Bandon AC

Boys U16 1st Gavin Kenny Bandon AC, 2nd Peter Ronan Bandon AC, 3rd Colin Roche Courseys AC

Girls u20: Kaitlyn Coffee West Muskerry AC

Novice Women: 1st Anne Bamford Bandon AC, 2nd Martina Hickey Dohneys AC, 3rd Breda McElhinney Bantry AC
Master Women: 1st Anna O’Neill Dohneys AC, 2nd Pauline Callan Bandon AC, 3rd Sheila Trunwit Bandon AC
Senior Women: 1st Ronnie Barry Bandon AC, 2nd Karina McCarthy West Muskerry, 3rd Dympna Murray Dohneys AC
Womens Team: 1st Bandon

Novice Men: 1st Brian Gallwey Clon Road Runners, 2nd John Manning West Muskerry AC, 3rd Jerry Cronin West
Muskerry AC
Master Men: 1st Sean Allis Clon Road Runners, 2nd Patrick Lynch West Muskerry AC, 3rd John Murphy West
Muskerry AC
Senior Men: 1st Michael Harrington Durras AC, 2nd John Cronin West Muskerry AC, 3rd Billy O’Brien Skibbereen
Mens Team: 1st West Muskerry AC

West Cork XC Sunday 17th

Some info for Sunday’s West Cork Cross Country.
Non pre entry required, all athletes and spectators pay at the gate.
€3 each with €10 per family.

First race will be girls u9 at 11:30am followed by boys u9, then girls u10 etc.
Adult races will be held after the Juvenile races are over so they will start at approx 12:30pm.
Medals for top 3 in each race, prizes for top 3 teams in each race with 4 scorers per team. If there isn’t teams of 4 then we will look at teams for 3.
Presentation of team medals will start as soon as possible once all the Juvenile races are over.

Directions to course.
Pass the Bandon Mart, out the Ballinadee road with the Old Still pub on your left. After about 2k you pass Baldwins Bridge then take right at sign for Christy Coal and 2k from here is XC course.
Plenty space for parking in field directly across from course.


U9 700m
U10 1000m
U12 1500m
U14 2000m
U16 3000m
U20 girls 3000m
U20 boys 4000m
Ladies 3000m
Men 6000m.
Individual medals for each of senior/novice and masters categories for men/ women but all categories combined for team prize

Secondary Schools XC

The West Cork Secondary Schools XC which is normally held in Dunmanway in Sept, will now be held on Tuesday 16th Jan 2018 to better line up with South Munster/ Munster and All-Ireland Schools XC.

Next West Cork event is the West Cork Cross Country Championships in Bandon on Sunday 17th with the first race at 11:30am.

new category for Cross Country

At the West Cork Cross Country in Bandon (just out Ballinadee road) on Sun 17th.
this year as well as having a senior and masters section, there will also be a novice section, this is for people who have never won an individual medal in cross country at west cork or county level.
Have to be 20 or older this year, no upper age.
3km for women and 6km for men.
Juvenile races start at 11:30, so senior races would be starting around 12.30
More details on venue etc closer to date.

There won’t be separate races for novice/senior/master, so all the women for example will run together, and declare their category before the start.
Medals awarded to the top 3 in each category at the finish.
Overall team prize also, 4 athletes to score, so team could for example be 2 senior, 1 novice and 1 masters, or 4 novices.
and it would be possible to win more than 1 team prize if enough athletes to form more than 1 club team took part.

Perfect opportunity for some of the many road runners / Fit4Life groups within the clubs to try their hand at a spot of Cross Country for a change!